Jay Peak Resort
1144 Access Road
Jay, VT 05859
(802) 988-2611
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Information for our guests

The reception will be held in the Foeger Ballroom at Jay Peak Resort at 4 PM on 11/2/2013.

We are planning on the reception to be adult only.  One of the reasons we choose Jay Peak, however, was the activities for children to do during the weekend and the baby-sitting services offered by the resort.  We want everyone to be able to join us in Vermont and have a great tme.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.  Thanks! 

Child services information

Along with private in room baby-sitting services, below is information on Jay Peak Resort Child Care.  We may help coordinate a time in the Day Care Center, so stay tuned.  I'm told cost is very reasonable.

Lodging Guests-

     Children Ages 2-7 are Free

     Children Under 2 Years of Age - $55 (4 hours) $100 (8 hours)

After Hours-

     5pm-9pm (By Reservation Only)

     (After 9pm is Available- Must Have a Minimum of 6 Children, By Reservation Only)

     Prices are based on individual families

          $10 an Hour for 1 child

          $15 an Hour for 2 children

          $5 an Hour for Each Additional Child

Private Care-

     Sunday through Saturday

     Prices Based on Individual Families

     $15 an Hour for 1 Child

     $20 an Hour for 2 Children

     $5 an Hour for Each Additional Child

Please call Stephanie 802-327-2204 or Leeah 802-988-2713 to inquire about availability and

All reservations must be made at least 30 days prior to arrival.

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